The world of data science is complicated

Rob makes it simple for your audience

Data science and the concepts around it have generated a lot of chatter in the business world. Many toss around phrases like artificial intelligence and machine learning, but few know what they actually mean. And even fewer know what’s truly necessary to get an effective data-driven transformation off the ground.

Rob Ristagno cuts through the buzzwords and gets right to the concepts that business leaders care about. He shares what executives can do right now, with the data and tools they already have on hand, to begin growing revenue.

Rob is a seasoned keynote speaker who’s presented to thousands of executives around the world. Your audience will walk away with actionable insights, feeling empowered to enact positive change within their organizations.

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“Stop chasing tactics and start chasing insights. We need to find our spin.” 

-Rob Ristagno

More About Rob’s Recent Speaking Engagements

The Modern Leadership Podcast

“The answer is always in the room. Our job is to find it.” Even if you can’t afford all the data bells and whistles—data warehouse, CDP—there’s still a pile of valuable information locked in the data you already have. By focusing on expertise rather than execution support, you can begin to find the answers hidden in your data.

Data-Driven Decisions To Drive Results

The Virtual CMO Podcast

Data is the key to growing your revenue. But data can’t do anything for you if it’s just sitting in a CRM or spreadsheet. Here’s how to use segmentation strategies to put your data to work.

Effective Marketing Segmentation Strategies to Improve Your Sales

FIPP World Conference 2020

The events industry has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. And with in-person gatherings paused indefinitely, a return to normal isn’t happening anytime soon. The Sterling Woods Group CEO Rob Ristagno joined other experts at the FIPP World Congress 2020 (virtually, of course!) to discuss the future of the events industry.

The Future of the Events Industry

“While the competition focuses their resources on a losing market, leverage insights from outside the echo-chamber and invest in predictable growth. “

-Rob Ristagno

"Rob is a world-class professional speaker who can engage his audience so they leave with not only specific, practical ideas, but also the inspiration to actually implement. His concepts have helped me take my business to the next level. He's easy to work with - we love having Rob speak at our events."
Carl Landau
Owner, Niche Media
"As a conference organizer, I - as well as our audiences - have been delighted with Rob's presentations. He's a lively presenter who creates fun and goodwill, while delivering a powerful, practical message on how to rethink digital strategies and take specific steps to increase revenue and profit. That's a great combination. No wonder he always gets enthusiastic reviews at our events."
Jim Sinkinson
President, Fired Up Marketing

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“Curveball Disruptors cling to one new piece of information and explore how to combine it with their existing strengths.”

-Rob Ristagno