Rob’s not shy about sharing why data matters

He is a podcast host, published author, and frequent contributor to well-known publications.

The world of data science is constantly evolving. People turn to Rob for his opinion on the latest trend, technological advancement, or strategy in data-driven transformation.

Whether behind the mic on his podcast or at the keyboard penning articles for top news outlets, Rob speaks regularly about the ever-changing world of data and always has actionable tips for leaders looking to grow revenue with the data they have on hand right now.

CEO Campfire Chat

Rob began hosting the CEO Campfire Chat podcast in 2020 as a response to the coronavirus pandemic. The conversations Rob was having privately with other leaders sparked the idea to gather seasoned executives around the proverbial fire to hear from an expert in the field about a leadership challenge they’ve faced and how they’ve overcome it.

The group is invited to ask questions and to share their own hurdles and successes. Rob guides the discussions with thought-provoking prompts and his signature warmth and enthusiasm.

To catch the latest episode of CEO Campfire Chat and learn more about all Rob’s past guests, check out

A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors

Rob’s book, A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors: A Proven Method for Making More Money Online, helps leaders identify opportunities for organic revenue growth that come from establishing subscription or membership-based business models.

In sharing his Five Forces Framework, Rob presents an approachable way for organizations to gather, analyze, and act on their data and find new ways to grow online.

Praise for A Member is Worth a Thousand Visitors

"While everyone else is taking the same stale approaches, Rob Ristagno has written the essential state-of-the-art playbook for selling content online."
Brian Cuthbert
Group Vice President of Diversified Communications
"I don't think there has ever been a concept that excites me more than paid membership communities. It's time to double-down on the concept."
Wes Buck
Founder and Editor, Drag Illustrated
"Rob helps niche media companies 'get their groove back.' If you're considering the move to a subscription or membership model (and you should be!), this book will serve as a strategic compass."

Elizabeth Peterson
Board Member of the Specialized Information Publishers Association
"You don't need a technical background to use Rob's easy-to-employ money-making approaches. This book will drive radically higher rates of revenue for you by providing strategies to engage key customers and attract new ones."
Chuck Croft
CEO of DRG and Annie's Publishing

Thought Leadership in Top Publications

Rob’s writing also appears regularly online, where he’s been featured in publications including Digiday, Adweek, Business Insider, Chief Executive, TotalRetail, and BRAND United.

Here’s a look at the most recent pieces Rob has penned or contributed to.

Several Top Journalists Are Suddenly on the Move, Placing Digital Media Businesses at a Crossroads

The budget constraints created by the COVID crisis are driving some of digital publishing’s top names to giant traditional publishers, like the New York Times and Washington Post. What does this mean for the world of digital publishing? Rob Ristagno is quoted in this article from Adweek.

I share a quote with the author of this piece in Adweek

How B2B Sales Teams Can Leverage Big Data Like B2C

B2Cs have plenty of data on hand, so it’s easy for them to see a path forward with leveraging data in driving sales. B2Bs, however, often have more modest data reserves. Does that mean that data-driven change just isn’t for them? Not at all! Learn about the mindset shifts that can help any B2B get the most out of its data.

Read the full article in SellingPower Magazine.

How to Grow Sales on a Downsized Marketing Budget

Sales and marketing go hand in hand. When your marketing budget is reduced, it affects your ability to target prospects and grow your sales.

By turning to data on your existing customers, though, you can get smarter about your messaging and your product offerings. Understanding more about those who already love your business can help you find prospects who will feel the same way. And knowing what it is about your offerings that appeals to existing customers can help you create new products or services to upsell your whales.

I write about this in greater detail for StrategyDriven.

Balancing Sensitivity with Business Strategy in Times of Crisis

How do companies avoid seeming insensitive or exploitative during this crisis while continuing to exist—which means continuing to grow revenue? The key lies in understanding your best customers and their needs.

Take a look at my piece of Chief Executive for actionable tips.